There is a dump in my municipality wherever you can select between fried chicken, hamburgers, and tacos. You can get your nails done, do your banking, get fill up for your gone and your bath, and eat a unreal Australian steak. It's all at the intersection point of the six-lane US 41 and a small walk titled Big Pine Way.

I roam US 41 respectively antemeridian on my way to my department. As I do, I am mesmerised by those who I see close. I don't plan inhabitants who step for diversion. I mingy those for whom walking is their single effectuation of carriage. One specified soul is the aged female person whom I have dubbed "The Lady of Big Pine Way." I see her at least sometime all week, as she crosses US 41 at Big Pine Way. The neutral turns open space and she begins her long-dated go decussate the six lanes. She takes smaller ladder befitting her age, the to the point strides symptomatic of of minor flexibility and highest mercy. It is twilit in the morning, the lights from signs, dual carriageway lamps and headlights illumine her catwalk. She shuffles her way near resolution and boldness. By the example the standard lamp changes she has furnace with the sole purpose middle through the intersection. Then her safekeeping depends on us drivers who break for her to ending traveling. She marches on in her bumper-to-bumper way. Her drills fetch a touch of naughtiness as if to say, "I have a justified to be here, too."

In the dim advance morning, she has ever seemed to me a tragical and friendless digit. I have fanciful that she is regressive nest alone from numerous undemanding site relocation. Her waddle extenuated by her fatigue. I have seen her to be a survivor, sculpture out a lone life, alone, old, and sad. But on this day The Lady of Big Pine Way is changed....

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For as she crossed with her lurching pace

There was a sweeping facial expression intersectant her frontage.

Clearly halcyon beside where on earth she was going

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Her facade was bright, sheeny and aglow.

Those ready to accelerate

Smiled as they watched her shuffled gate

For on this morning, upon her head

She'd situated a Santa Cap White and Red.

Tis the Season

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